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Telephone Directory about Katihar District Adminstrative Officer’s

District Administration
Designation Landline Mobile No Email-address
Divisional Commissioner, Purnea 06454-243199(O)
9431230001 divcom-purnea-bih@nic.in
District Magistrate, Katihar 06452-230581(O)
9473191375 dm-katihar.bih@nic.in
Superintendent Of Police (SP) 06452-230601(O)
9431800001 sp-katihar-bih@nic.in
Additional District Magistrate/Dy. Development Commisioner
Designation Landline Mobile No Email-address
ADM General 06452-239635(O)
9473191376 adm-kat-bih@nic.in
ADM Celling N/A 9931047970 admceil-kat-bih@nic.in
ADM Relief N/A 9430620347 admreliefkati@gmail.com
DDC 06452-231657(O) 9431818382/9431238345 ddc-katihar-bih@nic.in
Senior Deputy Collector
Designation Landline Mobile No Email-address
Establishment Section N/A 9308941729 estt-kat-bih@nic.in
DRDA N/A 9431818438 dnep-kat-bih@nic.in
General Section N/A 8271364885 general-kat-bih@nic.in
District Najarat Section 06452-239538 9470808130 ndc-kat-bih@nic.in
Legal Section N/A 8877718160 legal-kat-bih@nic.in
Record Room N/A 8084877991 abhilekh-kat-bih@nic.in
I/C Certificate Banking N/A 9199468418 cert-kat-bih@nic.in
Additional District Census Officer N/A 9471003951 census-kat-bih@nic.in
Disaster Section N/A 9199468418 N/A
District Revenue Section N/A 9973892389 revenue-kat-bih@nic.in
District Planning Section N/A 9431422629 dpo-kat-bih@nic.in
Officer-in-Charge,Devlopment,Katihar N/A 9939212566 oicdev-kat-bih@nic.in
District Land Acquisition officer N/A 9973892389 dlao-kat-bih@nic.in
Nagar Special Officer N/A 8986241470 nagr-kat-bih@nic.in
Jan Shikayat Section N/A 9431357294 pg-kat-bih@nic.in
Treasury Officer
Designation Landline Mobile No Email-address
Treasury Officer, Katihar 06452-239364 9006423544 N/A
Assistant Treasury Officer (ATO) N/A 9431422319 N/A
Election Officer
Designation Landline Mobile No Email-address
Deputy District Election Officer, Katihar 06452-239888 9472020465 N/A
Sub Election Officer, Katihar N/A 9470058263 N/A

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