Katihar Block IT Assistant

Block IT Assistant
Designation Landline Mobile No Email-address
IT Assistant, District N/A 9973758720 mintu.guddu.raj@gmail.com
IT Assistant, S.P Office N/A 9934022159 saroj.kr.jha@gmail.com
IT Assistant, S.D.O Katihar N/A 8271850240 amaanwasey@gmail.com
IT Assistant, S.D.O Barsoi N/A 8051492683 saxenapatna@gmail.com
IT Assistant, S.D.O Manihari N/A N/A N/A
IT Assistant, Amdabad N/A 8292943564 niteshbgp91@gmail.com
IT Assistant, Azamnagar N/A 7352960594 satya_narayan100@yahoo.co.in
IT Assistant, Balrampur N/A 7549822179 satyaprakash2010@gmail.com
IT Assistant, Barari N/A 9204464771 muqusit.kat@gmail.com
IT Assistant, Barsoi N/A 8051779967 saurabh.wing@gmail.com
IT Assistant, Dandkhora N/A N/A N/A
IT Assistant, Falka N/A 9470479346 mailmesahil2011@gmail.com
IT Assistant, Hasanganj N/A 8092044463 atulcool05@gmail.com
IT Assistant, Kadwa N/A 8252089523 animesh.sona84@gmail.com
IT Assistant, Katihar N/A N/A N/A
IT Assistant, Korha N/A 9661820171 sujeet15dec@gmail.com
IT Assistant, Kursela N/A 9470213489 pratul.itassistant@gmail.com
IT Assistant, Manihari N/A 9431650656 Vikas4u.giya@gmail.com
IT Assistant, Mansahi N/A 8603374755 arifjaipur@gmail.com
IT Assistant, Pranpur N/A 7739178191 rbk.itasst786@gmail.com
IT Assistant, Sameli N/A 8298493356 ratnesh.ranjan4@gmail.com

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