Katihar – Industry

Only two small-scale industries, 426 tiny industries and 181 artisan-based industries are registered in this District. Ashok Paper Mill at Hayaghat which was sick for the last 18 years has been restarted on 16 Aug’2000.The two sugar mills in the area at Raiyam and Sakri are sick. Most of the rice mills are not functional. However, Mithila and Sita flourmills are in working condition. Though the district is famous for Mango and Makahana production, there are no processing industries for these products.There is Darbhanga Industrial Area Development Authority with its office at Bela, Darbhanga. It looks after the different aspiring small/tiny industries in the area, which includes mainly of iron & steel works, printing, utensils, furniture, hosiery, washing powder, mashala, etc. However, the industrial area needs up gradation in terms of drainage, roads, electricity & pollution control measures. There is also a proposal for the construction of a Growth Centre. Absence of industries has led to the migration of labourers to other states.Dense population, low literacy level, traditional cropping pattern, absence of big and small industries and the resultant migration of man power has led to weak state of economy of the district. The per capita income of the people in the district is 4272. Darbhanga is badly poor in the matter of industrialization. Besides the Ashok Paper Mill at Hayaghat, the two Sugar & Flour Mills are the only important industries. However, blanket weaving, bangle making, pottery & mats-basket making have survived from old times. Following table shows the economic census of the district.Number of Enterprises (Based on 4th Economic Survey).


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