Katihar – Colleges

Collages in Katihar district are following:

1. D S College, Katihar, Bihar

2. K B Kha College, Katihar, Bihar

3. MJM Mahila College, Katihar, Bihar

4. Surtulsi College, Katihar, Bihar

6. SitaRam Chamaria College, Katihar, Bihar

7. BalramPur PG College, Balram Pur, Katihar, Bihar

8. RDS College, Salmari, Katihar, Bihar

9. Surya Dev Law College, Katihar, Bihar


6 responses

  1. I am in love to a girl of katihar named “kumodini”.
    So i am collecting all the required information which i can ,such that when i would talk to her she will be pleased.
    Thanks to this website for making my search easy.

  2. I read in Sitaram chamaria college.

    1. hallo,RoSHaN Imidiate please give me sitaram chamaria college phone number add address

    2. Please give me sitaram Chamaria college phone and address in my fb

  3. rahanul islam | Reply

    how i can get the details of RDS college

  4. how I can get SRC inter college address and phone no

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